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Martin Gremse

Born 1983 in Goslar, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin, Goslar und Bern. 


2006 - 2013 Medical Studies with focus on neurology at Martin Luther University, Halle/Wittenberg, Germany  

Selected Shows

Untitled, Schuebbe Inc., Mettmann
O , UNIT9, London
Dimensions of Three, Group show with Reinoud Oudshoorn, Kristall Wagner, Allouche Galerie, New York
Art Stage Singapore 2017
Art Central Hong Kong 2017
Art Stage Jakarta 2017

Solo show, Schuebbe Inc., Mettmann
Art Stage Singapore 2016
Art Central Hongkong 2016
Art Stage Singapore Jakart 2016


Reflect , Dirk Halverscheid Galerie, München
Gruppenausstellung, by Jenny Falckenberg, POSITIONS
Group show, by Jenny Falckenberg, POSITIONS ART FAIR, Berlin Covered, Solo show by Jenny Falckenberg, Hamburg

Group show, Etihad Gallery, Abu Dhabi Art Squad, Abu Dhabi

Jimi Hendrix, Projekt 1971, Rother Bluestage, Roth, Germany  

Spiegelungen und Verzerrungen, Studio „Altes Schulhaus“, Gross Döhren, Germany